Qatar is our second home, say Nepali expatriates

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A Nepali community in Qatar organized a program on 24 August at Radission Blu to show solidarity with the state of the Qatar Whole Nepali community felt  immense pleasure to be the part of this program, where solidarity is the main concern, harmony is the shared vision, and love and support to Qatar from Nepali Community is the core of spirit., It's wonderful everybody standing together to contribute to the solidarity program with motive, the motive that solely intends to show solidarity to Qatar after its neighboring countries imposed sanctions on it.   Nepali community truly believe in its sovereignty and thus, express out strong will to stand together against anything that intends to  harm Qatar. The slogan of the solidarity program is  'we love Qatar, we support Qatar, we are in Qatar and Qatar is our second home'.  The solidarity program was chaired by doctor Dev KAji Dangol a Chairman of Nepali community Doha and Rashid Al Dehaimi Assistant Director of Asian Department Ministry of foreign affairs State of Qatar was the chief guest and Fahad Sallam Almarri from the same department participant the program with the guest of honor. Representative from different community like Bangladesh, Indian , Pakistan , Srilanka and Philippine community leader were participant the program to assists Nepalese community to show the solidarity to Qatar . It was one of the unique and historical program of Nepali community to show solidarity to Qatar . This program proves that really the Nepali community feels Qatar as their second home. This program prove really Nepali community support, love, stand with Qatar in this recent crisis situation . So this program makes other more strong relation between Nepal and Qatar.

The participant who entry the program first they sign their name and signature in the banner picture of the state of king and which proves the Nepali has the pure and innocent love to Qatar .


The program started with Quran and played the both Nepal and Qatar national anthem.


The must unigue of the program was the Nepali artists Ramesh Shrestha make the live painting of the state of king . He also make the painting of the State of father king . On behalf of Nepali community the picture of the state of king and father king was handover to the chief guest Rashid Al Dehaimi . Nepali community told to the chief guest to handover the picture of state of king and father king to the foreign minister of Qatar and from foreign minister of Qatar Nepali community request to handover the Emir the state of Qatar. This live painting of the king and Father king makes that really a solidarity program organized by Nepali community was unique and different from other community solidarity program.  Ramesh Shrestha is a council member (head; department of paintings)

Nepal academy of fine arts. To make the program other more successful the community present the documentary of Nepal Qatar relationship which the documentary was presented by Shiba Raj Gautam . In the documentary there is mentioned the minister visist of both country Nepal and Qatar from the minister and top level officer makes their official visit of both country.

The guest of the honor Fahad Sallem Almarir said “He was happy and thank to Nepali community for their support to Qatar. He said Nepal and Qatar has a very long relationship and today solidarity program make it other more strong. He appreciated the program did by Nepali community and he feels lucky to be the part of it. He also said the neighboring country blockade to Qatar not affect to Qatar but it was effect themselves and which is also not satisfy and make wrong by the international law. He told Nepali community is the second largest community and Qatar is always ready and will always support N epali community also praised Nepalese worker as a honesty and intelligent . Sandhya Sharma and Kamachha Chamlagai recited the poem in the program . Both sharma and Chamlagai was the school students and in the poem they mentioned Qatar is their second home , they found homely environment  in Qatar so they love Qatar .


On the same day Nepali community honored to Chief guest, guest of honor , and other country community leader with a Nepali Gorkali knife .

Chairman of the program Dev Kaji Dangol Thanks all the participant for the successful evening and The program was financially supported by Raj Regmi, RK Sharma, Prakash Koirala, Mahendra Chaulagain, Badri Prasad Pandey, Narendra Bhatt and Dr. Dev Kaji Dangol and, was coordinated by Shiba Raj Gautam and Sagar Nepal.  To make the program much success and effective Ambassdor of Qatar to Nepal HE Yousuf bin Mohammed Al Hail supported directly and indirectly for the organizer .  

The program was hosted by Bijaya Raj Adhikari . Adhikari is a journalist, writer and program host since 14 years. Now he was working in Almeera Consumer as a salesman. At last the dinner was served to all the participant .