Qatar Museums organises event in solidarity with the nation and its Emir at the National Museum of Qatar

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Families from across Qatar gathered today at the National Museum’s courtyard, in front of the Old Palace, to express their appreciation for the country and its leadership. Managed in collaboration with Qatar Post, the Qatar National Postal Services Company, Qatar Museums (QM) opened the doors of the Old Palace calling on all the people of Qatar to gather at the heart of its iconic National Museum to express solidarity with His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

During the event, the local community expressed their feelings and wrote their thoughts on Tamim Almajd post cards that were designed by Qatar Post. The post cards, which are part of the museum’s collection, are now displayed at the museum’s courtyard. 

This event follows the news last month that the official opening date of the National Museum will be in December 2018. It also comes as part of a series of activities that will continue to be organised for the community inside and outside the museum.

Khalid Al-Ibrahim, Chief Strategic Planning Office at Qatar Museums, said:

“We are proud to open the doors of our National Museum to the local community for an event that expresses our support for the nation and the Emir. Our history was first displayed at what is now the heart of the new National Museum of Qatar — the Old Palace. It is the ideal place to showcase our peoples’ appreciation for the country’s leadership during a historical moment for Qatar.”

The National Museum is an architectural gem designed by world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel. The Museum tells the story of the people of Qatar, celebrating the country’s rich heritage. It will combine historic objects and contemporary influences, opening up a dialogue around the impact of rapid change while honouring its ancestors’ legacy.

Hassen Al Otaibi, Deputy Director of Retail & Customer Service at Qatar Post, said:

“It is a real honour to support Qatar Museums on this special day by providing them with Tamim Almajd post cards for the people of Qatar. Qatar Post recently released new stamps with the symbolic “Tamim Almajd” image, created by the local young artist Ahmed Almaadheed. The latest edition of stamps features the Emir and the Qatari flag, documenting the date of the blockade. Anyone interested in acquiring the latest stamp collection in solidarity with the country and the Emir can do so at any of our branches.”

He added:

“The national postal service is part of Qatar’s pride. Showing appreciation to our country and its leadership is in our DNA and inspires the development of our postal products and services. We are thrilled to be part of this historical moment and would like to thank Qatar Museums for this partnership.”

The National Museum of Qatar highlights QM’s commitment to fulfilling the cultural goals of the 2030 Qatar National Vision. It is contributing towards creating a strong and sustainable cultural infrastructure for Qatar, helping to build a diversified, knowledge-based economy.