Qatar Childhood Cultural Centre organizes "Children of the World"

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The Childhood Cultural Centre will organize on Monday, November 30 at Qatar National Convention Centre the 'Children of the World' event 

The event, which is celebrated in all world countries as a day of fraternity and understanding among world children, will feature activities and programmes for children with varying cultural backgrounds.

The event organizes a simulated session of the United Nations to represent countries of the world and discuss issues of children, poverty, education and children's rights.

The event will also exhibit successful experiences of children's education and innovation, in addition to entertainment, health, and other initiatives, giving the opportunity to children of different nationalities to put forward issues and concerns and deliver their voices to decision-makers in the world.

The event also aims to enable Qatari Children to interact with issues of children in the world, to know about some world diplomatic forums and enhance their capacities

During the event, several issues related to certain states including Qatar, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Britain, India, Pakistan, Iran, France, U.S. and Finland, will be discussed.