Once these Malls open - Qatar will never be the same!

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With a number of malls beginning  to open up all over Qatar,  it is easy to lose track. Where do you shop? Have you been to this mall? Is that mall even open yet? Shopping ain’t easy with such a plentiful variety of malls, where do you go for jeans, groceries, ballroom dresses, high end fashion, great discounts, and even outdoor theme parks? Here are 5 new malls and what you need to know and expect from them.


Mall of Qatar

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The Mall of Qatar is opening in, what may soon be known as,  “the new Doha” which is Al Rayyan.  Worry not, if you feel you can’t get there fast enough, roads and railways are under construction.. With 5.4 million square feet , it will be Qatar’s largest mall, but what are the features? Visitors will be presented with over 500 shops, a 5 star hotel, and over 100 cafes and restaurants (yum!). Furthermore, if you are looking for Qatar’s biggest Cineplex, it’s here!


Doha Outlet Mall

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Always on the hunt for the best sales and discounts?  Bargain hunting can be an exhausting endeavour, with having to search many malls and shops and receiving annoying email subscriptions. This mall is the perfect compromise, being smaller than the Mall of Qatar, with 170 stores, but having an exclusive list of outlets selling discounted products. Four department stores will guarantee you find exactly what you’re looking for at the price at the possible price. A food court is available for you to stock up on energy before going back out on the shopping hunt.



If the malls in Qatar aren’t VIP enough, AlHazm will be suitable for you. No more having to go to Milan and Paris for high-end fashion!  The designers and brands may still be a big secret, but we can expect it to be G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. Features? A VIP floor with personal shoppers awaits the very important ones among us, and when that is not exclusive enough, there is private parking with secret access to selected stores for the VVIP. 


Doha Festival City

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Doha Festival City is going to be offering a family friendly environment with loads of adventure to it’s visitors.. It is located in North Duhail, easily accessible through the Shamal highway and right next door to the famous IKEA. This mall will have 550 shops and services, dining and cafés, but what we are most excited about are its theme parks. There will be several on offer, including Qatar’s first-ever Snow Park, an Angry Birds indoor and outdoor theme park, Juniverse, a role-play edutainment park, and Virtuocity theme park. Great fun, excitement and exploration is combined in one place. On top of all that, you can go to a 4D cinema, for a real adrenalin rush experience.


Doha Marina Mall

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The Doha Marina Mall is all about water. It is located in the up-and-coming Lusail area by the Marina. The design of the mall includes 5 continental islands surrounded by water with 3 different floors interconnected by internal waterfalls. We already know that their cinema won’t be the top attraction. There are terraces with stunning views over the marina, and spa facilities with more water and a feel-good atmosphere. The whole mall is sustainably designed to achieve a QSAS 5 rating that is equivalent to LEED Platinum. With all the water, that’s great news!


Tawar Mall