The New DoubleTree Hotel - Stunning Views and Cozy Nights

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There is a new Hotel in Doha, which has been running for just under 1 year. Luckily, the ILQ Team was invited to find out more about the new Hilton Hotel in New Salata. The location of the hotel is already inviting to anyone wanting to visit Qatar and the perfect tourist spot, located within walking distance to Souq Waqif, the famous Museum of Islamic Art, and cultural center Al Fanar. From here taxis, tourist buses, or the walk at the Corniche can take you to further destinations in Doha and Qatar. While the location shows advantage, let’s see what more the Doubletree Hotel has to offer.

Stepping in to the hotel, we find ourselves in the lobby, which is modern with an oriental touch. Glass ornaments are hanging from the ceiling and the wall hiding the elevators is a beautiful calming waterfall. The staff is very welcoming and offers you a warm crispy cookie upon arrival, so you feel taken care of in an instant.

Next stop is the room. The name of the hotel isn’t a coincidence; the rooms are practically carved into a tree it seems, as the walls are wooden. The cottage type feel is accompanied by comfortably lit light and beds that are so cozy, you cannot seem to escape once tucked in. The ‘Sweet Dreams’ mattresses are soft but stable, leaving your torso in healthy conditions and yourself feeling like the princess and the pea (Without the pea of course). A big flat screen TV faces the beds, so that you may watch your good night movie or your morning news. However if you are looking to watch movies, you should be prepared that they are in Arabic without English subtitles, and there are only a couple of English speaking news channels.

The bathroom is modern and spotless with a private cubicle for the toilet. Aroma Actives soaps, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner are gentle, nicely scented and are the essentials for your stay. In the spacious shower you can then decide whether you like the warm water drizzling down on you like rain, or take matters into your own hands with the manual shower head. Whatever you decide, soft towels and bathrobes await you once you are finished.

Have you ever stayed somewhere and craved food at the wrong hour? There is no wrong hour in the ‘OPEN restaurant’ of the hotel, proffering food for the whole 24 hours. Find the right food for you here, with Arabic, Asian and European cuisine on the menu. Fusion might scare some of you off, but this restaurant has perfected the dishes on the menu. Innovative mocktails, wine, soft drinks and hot drinks are available. We tried the Salmon and a vegetarian Thai Green Curry, and were pleasantly surprised with lots of flavor and a rich and healthy meal.

When there is no space for dessert you may go to the rooftop to enjoy a variety of alcoholic drinks and wines, or mocktails and juices for those who don’t drink overviewing the entire city. The terrace is open to three sides giving you lots of space to lounge and stare into the night of Doha. Another waterfall gives you the impression of being somewhere else, and speakers all around the rooftop play cool and funky tunes. If you want a little more privacy with a group of your friends, there is a round sofa available. The staff presents itself again very attentive and helpful in the choice of drinks and any questions and queries. An elegant low key spot to chillax is definitely found here for sophisticated nights with a phenomenal view.

Having had a perfectly relaxing and stimulating night we tried out the breakfast before going home to a more normal reality. Cereal, breads, pastries, eggs, waffles, foul etc. ALL available at this breakfast buffet. A selection of juices and hot beverages top this breakfast to one that suits everyone. It’s not too much, but whether it is waffles and syrup or muesli and yoghurt, you are all set. A nice ending to our experience at the Doubletree Hotel. Our favorite remains the funky rooftop, what about you? When are you going to check out this unique hotel?