More than 3,000 tonnes of waste removed from beaches

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More than 3,000 tonnes of waste has been removed during a massive clean-up drive which continued for two months until January 15 and focused on Northwest beaches.
The drive started on November 20 last year as per Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s plan to keep beaches clean.
The Ministry made available all requirements to accomplish the task because beaches are very important for visitors especially on weekends.
Minister of Municipality and Environment H E Mohamed bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi, recently issued a ministerial decision No (197) for the year 2016 for establishing a special committee for cleaning residual oil from beaches and islands.
Members of other departments also participated in the campaign including the Environmental Protection, Nature Reserves & Wildlife Department, Fisheries Department and Qatar Petroleum.
“The Ministry is giving priority to cleaning beaches and islands and has provided all requirement for that, which guarantee cleaning of the beaches through the year," said Safar Mubarak Al Shafi, General Cleanliness Project Director.
He also said that the cleaning plan was divided into three phases to clean up about 65km of beaches and the department had provided a permanent place to facilitate the workers until the end of the campaign.
The first phase of the campaign, started from Abu Daluf to Al Arish, and the second clean –up drive started from Al Arish to Al Zubara, while the third one covered the stretch from Al Zubara to Um Haish.
“During the drive, about 3,151 tonnes of wastes were removed, including 1,952 tonnes of residual oil, 1,120 tonnes of other waste and 80 tonnes of wood” Al Shafi added.
Ha also said the process of cleaning didn't affect the marine environment.
The Ministry urged people to support its efforts to keep beaches and islands clean by throwing waste in proper places and avoiding careless behaviour which might harm the ecosystem. (Source)