MoI: Hacking originated from UAE

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Sharing details of hacking of Qatar News Agency (QNA) website and associated social media accounts, the investigation team of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) yesterday revealed that hacking ‘originated from the UAE’.

“We have also traced the IP addresses of people who immediately after hacking and publishing of fake news story visited QNA website and they were from two sites in the UAE,” said the investigation team of Ministry of Interior while uncovering the details of cyber crime of QNA hacking.
Lt Col Ali Mohammed Al Muhannadi, Director of Technology Affairs at NCC and head of investigation team and Capt. Othman Salem Al Hammoud, Assistant Director of Information Security Department told media that some brotherly countries had also helped Qatar in uncovering the hacking incident.
“The hacker made control on the network of QNA in a bid to get the passwords of its social media accounts to make tweeting and posting news easy. Immediately after hacking and posting of fake news, about 45 times QNA website was accessed from two sites in the UAE,” the investigation team said.
Responding to a question, they said that the hackers were equipped with high level skills. A particular person was involved in the hacking of the QNA website and social media accounts with help of another person (the second person) who was using his mobile, an iPhone which “we have traced and we have also traced telecom network used for connection”. (Source)