Launching of World Humanitarian day in Qatar!

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Mega Cervantes

The emergence of World Humanitarian Day Group meeting in Qatar was initiated by Fahad Alobaidly who believed that "We are not nation,We are not religion,We are not politics,Simply we are Humans" and his empowerment to spread the theme of the United Nations World Humanitarian Day which is #theworldneedsmore.

The Project Manager, Mega Gonzales Cervantes interfaced with the professional volunteers from different company to support the advocacy of the organizer. Invited speakers showed most of their humanitarian works by a way of slides flashed in a big screen and imparted an amazing talk enable to inspire all the participants inside the room to be part of the campaign.

The forum was held last August 9,2014 at Sharq Village & Spa Hotel. Kiss

World Humanitarian Day is a time to recognize those who face danger and adversity in order to help others. The day was designated by the General Assembly to coincide with the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq.

World Humanitarian Day is also an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the globe.

This year the UN and its humanitarian partners continue their ground-breaking campaign called The world needs more… which is the first-of-its-kind project that turns words into aid.

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Photos by: George Delfino,Allan Anthony Orale & Van Darren Martinez