‘JOURNEY THROUGH ASIA’ with P.F. Chang’s in Qatar

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P.F. Chang’s takes guests on a food adventure through China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Thailand with its ‘Journey Through Asia’ limited-time menu, available throughout August and September.

“We say ‘Journey Through Asia’ because this menu truly represents our passion for the wide variety of flavors, textures and colors of Asian cooking that we want to share with our guests,” said Jim Dunn, P.F. Chang’s Vice President “Featuring original new recipes inspired by the region’s most popular trends and innovative cuisines, these dishes transport guests to new places where they can experience Asia with their loved ones without leaving their own hometown.”

The menu showcases the mastery of P.F. Chang’s chefs, whose expertise in high-temperature wok cooking brings out the full flavor of each ingredient for an authentic experience. The “Journey Through Asia” itinerary includes:


Asian Duck Salad, A perfect fragrant and refreshing salad this season! Tender and warm slices of duck with fresh orange slices, almonds, fried shallots and baby spinach glazed with citrus soy.

Chang’s Combo, Discover the deliciousness of your favorite appetizers in one go! Featuring our signature appetizers Chicken Lettuce Wraps, fiery Salt & Pepper Calamari, Crunchy Ebi Roll & California Roll.

Fire Cracker Chicken, Sliced chicken breast tossed into the Wok with Pineapple, Mushrooms, Red peppers and dried chilies; guaranteed to make it an all-time chicken lover's delight! 

Seasoned Garlic Prawns, An eternal favorite of all time! Butterflied prawns tossed in a zesty butter garlic sauce with sautéed tomatoes and chili pods.


Duck Summer Roll, Our take on the famous Vietnamese summer rolls! This succulent appetizer combines the tenderness of grilled duck with the freshness of carrots, snow peas and cilantro; wrapped in delicate rice paper.


Kanpung Sau Shrimp, This delectable dish has shrimp tossed in a sweet spicy sauce with bell peppers and dry red chili that will ignite your palate with vibrant colors and flavors that will leave you wanting for more


Tom Yum Chicken & Shrimp Soup, Our take on the most popular Thai dish keeps the traditional flavors alive with lemongrass, straw mushrooms and Cayenne pepper, for an extra kick!

P.F. Chang’s also introduces new blended summer refreshers to perfectly complement the limited-time menu; Passion Fruit Cooler - a fusion of fresh Passion fruit with fresh lime, mint, ginger and Jalapeno slices giving an extra kick to your drink, Strawberry Mojito - our most popular signature mocktail with the added flavor and sweetness of strawberries, freshly squeezed lime and mint, and Berry Blast - a refreshing, zesty combination of fresh strawberries and blueberries that will quench your taste this summer!.

To enjoy the full adventure, P.F. Chang’s founder Philip Chiang, suggests that guests order several appetizers and entrees to share, in the Asian tradition of combining a dish from the sea, one from the land and another from the sky, paired with fried rice or noodles.