Incredible Children’s Edutainment Theme Park coming to Qatar!

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KidzMondo, an international edutainment concept, designed to provide a complete solution for children in a unique indoor theme park, will open on August 23, 2016 at  the Mall of Qatar.  It will be 8,000 square meters across 2 levels, with a replica Airport, Bank, Rail, Bakery, Radio Station, Fire Department, and Hospital to name a few. KidzMondo Doha will offer more than 80 different activities in 60 in establishments, allowing kids to enjoy every detail of adult life through fun educational play.

On arrivial, children will receive a boarding pass along with a personal cheque which they can then bring to the bank to exchange for cash (the currency of KidzMondo is called Kidlar and they can spend it on any establishments on offer in the park. The children will be dressed in  proper uniforms in all of their roles and be assisted by 1-2 educators as they act out their diverse roles. Each establishment will require different amounts of Kidlar and each activity is around 20-25min (some more, some less).  Parents can definitely watch their children at play through the many windows; but, parents will not be permitted to physically enter the establishments, thus encouraging confidence and independence in the children.

Many of the activities offer educational benefits to the children and the kids will be able to role play various professional activities like pilots, doctors, tele-com engineers, and pilice officers. Some of the park partners include Qatar Airways and Ooredoo. Children will be able to experience various professions and see what interests them.

It is a kid-sized city that is created with the intention to impart knowledge through playful learning, impart the value of money, working hard, teamwork, and communication skills.   KidZMondo will offer huge value and fun for kids of Qatar!