ILQ's inside look at the modelling world in Qatar

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By: Amerah E and Angel Polacco

ILQ has an exciting new team member, we are happy to welcome Angel Polacco! This brilliant writer is a Northwestern University in Qatar graduate. She’s Canadian, talented, and takes an interest in all things fashion, glam, and make-up. One interesting thing about Angel is that she works as a freelance model in Qatar. She’s going to share some of her “modeling-in-Qatar” adventures with ILQ.


Photo credit: nmoona_ (Instagram)

- How did you get into modelling?

-I’ve done a few freelance photoshoots around Doha. I started in high school and did a charity fashion show for Vera Wang at the Pearl. It was the first catwalk I ever did. The experience was a bit daunting but overall enjoyable. I had my friends modeling with me so I wasn’t as freaked out about it.


Photo credit: duoqtr (Instagram)


- What's your most memorable experience so far since modeling in Qatar?


- I’d say my most memorable experience was when I modeled at the Pearl for DuoQtr. It was one of my first shoots working with a local Qatari designer. Fatma Al-Misnad designed amazing gowns and dresses and the concept of her first shoot drew inspiration from something like a fairytale wedding. It was the first time I wore a ball gown and I actually felt like a princess wearing it. I modeled with one of my guy friends from NU-Q, he was supposed to be like my “Prince Charming.” It felt a little awkward at first, but since I knew him it turned out to be quite fun. It was shot in the afternoon at the Pearl, so there were people watching us who thought we were actually married, which was hilarious. People started taking pictures on their phones and smiling at us. It was definitely one of my most memorable experiences.





Photo credit: cut_abaya (Instagram)


- Share the scoop? Is modelling lucrative here, are there lots of opportunities?


- There are lots of opportunities to model here, but you either have to fervently look for them or patiently wait for them to find you. There are a lot of talent agencies here that do model management and sign on models, but I didn't sign up at an agency. As I said earlier ,I do mostly freelance work. I’ve actually been approached or contacted by friends who know new designers who need models, and once they share their photos it exposes you to more designers who are looking for models. It’s kind of like a domino effect. If someone likes the personality you expressed in the previous shoot you worked on, they’ll most definitely approach you.





Photo credit: nmoona_ (Instagram)


-What would you recommend to those interested in entering the modelling world?


- I’d recommend that you put yourselves out there and get to know a lot of people in the industry. Networking is key. You just have to know the right people in order to get new opportunities. Befriend photographers, designers, people who are into fashion. This way at least you get your foot in the door.





Photo credit: nmoona_ (Instagram)


- What do you love about modeling?


- I personally love modeling because ever since I was little my dad would make me pose for pictures. My entire childhood was documented. So I grew to become fond of having my pictures taken. Now, of course, my love for fashion, makeup, and creativity also ties into why I love modeling, but you could say that my childhood initially kickstarted my interest in modeling. I follow a lot of fashion and makeup bloggers and love keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, and of course I have to try the newest makeup products on the market (on my current wish-list: Kylie’s lip-kits). I also love recommending these kinds of things to my friends - makeup is a hot topic among women these days. I love giving any kind of beauty advice, especially if I have the knowledge or intel about it. I’ve thought about starting my own blog numerous times, but have always been hesitant. Who knows? I might just start one soon.



Tiltle picture: angelpolacco (Instagram)