Hot or Not? These are Your Top 10 Filipino Restaurants

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What are the best Filipino Restaurants in Qatar?

With a doubt there are many restaurants in Qatar offering Filipino food, but to find out which are the good ones can be a tedious matter. So we asked you, our Filipino community and this is what you came up with! We present to you the TOP 10 list for Filipino restaurants:

(By the way, the restaurants are not in any order; but let’s be honest they are all great and deserve to be our Number 1!) Wink


1. Pearl of Beirut

If you are craving fresh and delicious seafood then the Pearl of Beirut it the best match. Situated on the main Road in Al Khor, it is easy to find, and good for a day after the beach with your family or friends.



2. Al Jazeera Restaurant

Have one of the fantastic "lutong bahay" dishes at Al Jazeera restaurant! The staff is friendly and the food is great!



3. Asiana Xpress

Are you in the mood for fusion? Asiana Express offers Chinese, Indian AND Filipino food. While it seems like a small place from the outside, it is very big in reality with private tables.




4. Sea Time


The Filipino fine dining experience is guaranteed at Shore time with their classic Filipino dishes like Chicken Adobo, Bulalo with Rice, Tapsilog, Pitchie-Pitchie and Leche Flan.




5. Central Café

 You can also get great authentic food at the Central Café. Recommended are Bulalo, Tapsilog and Chicken sisig.




6. Max's Restaurant


Known as "the house that fried chicken built." Has recently opened its first branch in the country bringing it's original all time Filipino favourite delicious chicken-tender, juicy and crispy.




7. Jollibee

Up for Filipino fast food? A great place for family with fun food like Chickenjoy, Yumburger, Champ Hamburger and Jollibee Spaghetti is Jollibee!



8. Chowking

Chowking is your best bet for easy, light Filipino food with a reasonable price. If you like Halo Halo, come and bring your friends along!



9. Gerry’s Grill

Always a good choice for Filipino food is Gerry’s Grill. While it is already quite popular in the Philippines, it does not disappoint in Qatar either. Popular choices are Baked Tahong, Grilled Squid, Chicken Inasal and Chicken Lollipop.



10. Filipino Hot Pack


Last on the list, but no less delicious, comes Filipino Hot Pack. Authentic, quick meals including our Filipino favorites like Halo Halo, Bulalo and Adobo are served here!