Gulf crisis will not affect 2022 FIFA World Cup: Qatar envoy to Canada

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Qatar's Ambassador to Canada Fahad Mohammed Yusuf Kafood said that the Gulf crisis will not affect Qatar's hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
The Ambassador said that the US position is now united in praising Qatar's handling of the Gulf crisis, criticising the siege countries for refusing to sit down at the table of dialogue to defuse the crisis.    
This came during a meeting of the Ambassador of Qatar with the Editorial Board of the Canadian Toronto Star newspaper.

He gave a detailed explanation about the Gulf crisis and the objectives of the siege countries and their cheap methods such as electronic piracy and false accusations of supporting terrorism as well as the demands rejected by the international community.

During the meeting, the Ambassador referred to the negative effects of the siege and its future dimensions on the GCC and the region, the Qatari efforts to support its cause, the success of breaking the siege and the adaptation of the Qatari economy to dealing with the current challenges to come out with a stronger economy and in line with the future aspirations of the country, stressing that the crisis will not affect Qatar's hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The meeting was attended by Andrew Phillips, Editorial Page Editor of Toronto Star, which is one of Canada's leading newspapers.
It was also attended by members of the Editorial Board and international affairs and security editors. (Source)