Graduaid: A helping hand towards success

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Students tend to encounter difficulties when applying to undergraduate or graduate programs. To help students, a local startup called “Graduaid” offers advice, strategies, and more, to overcome any kind of hurdles that students may face during the application process.

Sara Al-Fardan, Sara Al-Misnad, Yara Darwish, Dana El-Ghazal, and Ameera Al-Ansari are the founders of Graduaid, but they also happen to be best friends.

The story behind Graduaid

The five of them graduated from Qatar Academy and are between the ages of 24 and 25. They have received both bachelors’ and masters’ degrees from different parts of the world in different programs. In addition to being the cofounders, they all also act as academic advisors for Graduaid.

The idea for Graduaid, an academic consultancy firm, was conceived when they were all in the United Kingdom (UK). They had started to brainstorm ideas about providing a beneficial service to society in one of their apartments. The name “Graduaid” was coined by Al-Fardan.

“We have been best friends for so long and agreed we can create something with our collective potential,” said Darwish, a Northwestern University in Qatar (undergrad) and University of Cambridge graduate. “We were all passionate about getting students to the universities they want and decided to turn this passion into a service.”


Graduaid is committed in helping students to achieve their academic goals. They provide a range of different services that can help students who are at different stages of the university application process. 

Some of these services include: Personal Statement: Advanced Planning & Proofreading, Standardized Testing: Registration & Results Retrieval, Accommodation Shortlist, to help students find new homes; and Student Visas, to help support students through the process. To find out more about their services, visit 

Growing popularity

Students and concerned parents have started to learn about Graduaid through social media and word of mouth. Graduaid was also recently featured on the cover of Ajyal magazine.

“The response was positive and a considerable number of students have decided to reach out to us and make use of one or more of our services,” said Al-Ansari, a University of Westminster graduate. 

According to Al-Ansari, many people feel that Graduaid came into existence at a crucial time when the need for services like theirs is at a peak. 

“We are confident that we will continue to garner interest through our dedication to high quality service and our commitment to the cause of education in the State of Qatar and the region as a whole,” Al-Ansari said. 


Graduaid has also taken the initiative to approach schools. A number of schools have already shown interest in Graduaid and the services it can provide to students. The cofounders will soon begin to visit schools and speak directly to students about what Graduaid is and the services they offer. 

Schools in Doha vary in the educational systems they follow. Some follow International Baccalaureate (IB), others Cambridge (IGCSE’s, AS and A levels), American, Qatari, and more. Graduaid aims to adapt their services to cater to students coming from these different educational backgrounds. 

“We are doing this because we truly believe in the potential of the youth in this region and their capabilities to get into their dream universities,” said Darwish. “Although their counselors are extremely supportive, sometimes students just need a bit more guidance to get to where they need. This is where we come in.

Check out their website and their social media page on Instagram

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