Fresh video: It’s time to win one million riyals!

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The crowds came, they spent, they dropped their riyals and their ballots – but there can only be one winner! What would you do with a million riyals? For starters we’d probably need a bigger bank account! This will be the fourth raffle draw after a month’s worth of cash prize giveaways totaling QR 4 million with 15 winners drawn weekly.


Entering is as easy as spending QR 200 at any retail outlet in all Shop Qatar participating malls to get your ballot. Then, fill it out and drop it off at any Shop Qatar kiosk ballot box. So don’t forget to spend to win, and we’ll catch you at the Mall of Qatar on February 7 for the big draw!


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How many of you ILQ followers have entered to win? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to give us a like and a share! From all of us at ILQ – good luck and may the top spender win!