Fresh video: Food finds at the Old Airport

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On my first episode of Food Finds in Qatar, I visit Matar Qadeem – an area next to Doha’s Old Airport and a thriving community of local and international food finds, merchants and businesses. From biryani to gulab jamun and crêpes, Matar Qadeem offers some cheap and cheerful eating options tucked away in one of Doha’s oldest districts.

I’m on a mission to show you my food finds from all corners of the globe and I visit Qatar’s very own Baba Chapatea for a taste of the super popular beverage– karak tea. This milky, hot, sweet tea is similar to the classic Indian staple – chai – it’s a super satisfying hot brew on these chilly Doha days. There’s also parathas, wraps, sandwiches and crêpes to tickle those taste-buds.


From Baba Chapatea to the famous Philippine fast food chain Jollibee where I tried my first sample of classic Filipino comfort food – burgers, fried chicken and spaghetti washed down with a chocolate milkshake. Jollibee has restaurants from the U.S.A. to Vietnam, and offers a true slice of home for many Filipinos living in Qatar. It’s a great pit-stop for a quick bite to eat and be sure to try the Jollibee Chicken Joy – this tasty number was by far the stand out dish for me.  

Along the way I checked out many local delights and ended up at Habeeb Restaurant – offering down-to-earth, authentic Turkish grills and shawarma, plus lots of other classics at affordable prices.  A great end to my first Food Find tour of Matar Qadeem.

By the way, if you’re stuck for ideas or places to go on your own Food Finds tour in Qatar, you can’t beat the free Zomato app for local restaurant findings with handy reviews, listings, recommendations, and contact information. Check it out and please share your favourite Food Finds with me – you may find I pay a visit there soon on ILQ!


Near Al Danah Pharmacy, Al Matar Al Qadeem Street, Old Airport area, 4479-3845

Al Matar Al Qadeem Street (opposite Tea Time), Old Airport area, 3064-3406


Al Matar Al Qadeem Street (opposite Al Dar Optics), Old Airport area, 4467-8503

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