Dust-laden winds forecast for a week

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The country is expected to experience windy and dusty conditions from tomorrow until the end of the week, the meteorological department has said in a statement.

The weather officials have forecast fresh to strong northwesterly winds during this period, especially on the coast, during the day.

The wind speed will range from 12-24 knots and reach 30 knots in some places at certain times. The speed will reduce at night to be moderate to fresh.

This will lead to the sea level being moderate to rough offshore at 4-8ft.

The wind is expected to be loaded with dust and sand, which will reduce horizontal visibility, especially in open areas and on highways.

These conditions are expected due to the deepening of the Indian monsoon.

The temperature is expected to be typical for this time of the year, ranging from 38-43 degrees Celsius. Some scattered clouds could be seen from Wednesday to Friday.