Your guide to driving schools in Qatar

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Learning to drive has become a necessity for the present day youth and if you are in Qatar you are sure to know how important it is to steer your own wheels. A not so friendly public transport system coupled with the harsh weather makes driving your own car the best option.

In Qatar, there is a strict procedure of acquiring a driving licence and stricter driving rules. However, there are multiple driving schools in the country where you learn to drive from professional driving instructors.

Driving in Doha is exciting and enjoyable and learning to drive from a professional school is important. The driving schools in Doha offer quality lessons with theoretical as well as practical training on the roads so that the prospective driver can learn the safe way of driving and drive with confidence.

Here is a list of the top driving schools in Qatar:

Karwa Driving School

 Location Industrial Area. Phone: +974 6609 2812

 Al Rayah Driving School

 Location: Bin Omran. Phone: 44877774 / 4487 7700

Al Khebra Driving Academy

 Location: Abu Hamour. Phone: +974 4451 6353

Gulf Driving School

 Location: Al Fadaill St. Phone: +974 4465 2666

 United Driving School

 Location: Salwa Road South. Phone: +974 4468 1003

Doha Driving Academy

 Location: Al Kharitiyath. Phone: +974 4479 2263

Qatar Driving Learning Institute

 Location: Al Khufoos St. Phone: +974 7762 2392


The foremost qualifying requirement for learning to drive in Qatar is for the individual to be more than 18 years of age. The standard procedure to enroll yourself for driving lessons is to fill in the application, submit a copy of the Q-ID, two or three passport size photographs and an eye test report.


The training begins with series of theoretical classes about the road, road signs, traffic signals and about cars, followed by a test. Based on the passing of this test, a driving instructor is allocated to the learner.


The first phase of the practical training mainly includes the methods and rules of parking which is taught by the instructor to the learner on the driving school’s premises.


After passing the parking test, a ‘learner’s license’ is given to the trainee who then begin the on-road-driving phase of the course in a special learning car provided by the driving school. After 40 days of practical training to drive on roads with an instructor by side, finally comes the ‘main’ driving test.


This test is conducted by a traffic police officer who will observe and decide whether the learner is fit to drive on roads safely and in a civilised manner. If the learner does not pass in the first attempt he/she need not worry as every learner has up to four attempts for getting their driving license. Based on the positive decision of the police officer the learner officially clears the test and gets an official driving license.


The time taken to complete the driving course is typically two months or less but may differ from individual to individual over their performance in learning. Normally, driving schools provide the learners with individual driving instructors who give the regular procedure to the driving student one on one without any partiality. The driving course fees ranges from Qr.2600 to Qr.2800 in the learning schools in Qatar.


Driving a car can be easy and fun when at the learning stage itself it is taught the right way by the official driving schools and driving instructors. Getting the basics right is important.


Happy driving!