Delta Aquarid Meteor in Qatar sky

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Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced that Delta Aquarid meteor can be viewed in Qatar sky and all Arabic countries from today evening to tomorrow dawn.
Delta Aquarid meteor shower is usually active between July 12 and August 23 every year, while its peak will be in between evening of July 27 and dawn of July 28 every year, said Dr Beshir Marzouk,  Astronomer expert at (QCH) . The Delta Aquarid meteor is one of the important meteors seen from the Earth, where the average shower, when it arrive its peak, will be in between 15 -20 Delta Aquarid meteor per hour, according to Astronomer experts in observe meteor.
Qatar residents and Arabic area countries residents do not need Astronomical telescopes to see Delta Aquarid meteor because they can see it by naked eye from pure and dark places without light and environment pollutions. One have to look at southern horizon of Doha sky to see it. Moreover residents can take nice photos for Delta Aquarid meteor by using digital cameras, but they must increase exposure time of camera while taking a photo to get the best picture. Dr. Beshir Marzouk added. It is the best chance to observe Eta Aquarid meteor this year, where sky will be darker after mid-night and Moon will not appear on sky when Delta Aquarid meteor arrives to its peak. Moon will be set on Doha sky at 10:03pm local time today. (Source)