Corniche Street to be closed partially on Friday and Saturday

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The Public Works Authority will close a small part of Al Corniche Street, at the interchange in front of the Post Office for two days, to do some maintenance works. The closure starts on Friday, August 25 at 1am and lasts until Saturday evening August 26, 2017.

The closure will take place over two consecutive stages, the first stage includes closing a part of the main Corniche Street in the direction from Sheraton Hotel to Ministry of Interior. 

Road users will need to turn right onto Al Markhiya Street to get to Lekhwair Intersection and make a U-turn to go back to Al Corniche Street, as shown in the attached map.

Once the first stage is completed, work will start on stage two, which includes closing the slip roads going from Al Corniche Street into and out of Al Markhiya Street. Road users will have to stop at the interchange in front of the Post Office and turn onto Al Markhiya Street and vice versa.

Ashghal urged all road users to abide by the speed limits, and follow the road signs to ensure their and others safety. (Source)