The best spots to enjoy pleasant weather in Qatar!

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Rumana Shaikh

Have you spent the past few months waiting impatiently for the weather to get better? Dreaming of the days when you no longer have to run to your car and then wait 10 minutes before touching the steering wheel or risk having third degree burns? Well, we’re almost there, so hang tight! The weather in Qatar has been getting better over the past few weeks! You can’t exactly call it “cool” or “wintry,” but you can definitely say it’s pleasant outside, especially during evenings. With weather like this, you might actually want to get off your couch and get some fresh air. So we’ve decided to compile a list of some of our favorite places to relax outdoors in this limbo period when it’s not too hot and not cold yet! 

1Bandar/Corniche: If you’ve been in Qatar long enough, you know the weekend hotspot to sit back and chill out with your friends is by the seaside at the Corniche. This specific spot, however, will stand out to you with all the cars parked around, people sipping on karak and enjoying the darkness. It may not be as family friendly as you’d like, but if you are looking for somewhere you can take your family, check out the rest of the list! 

2. Katara: Basically anywhere in Katara is ideal to spend a pleasant evening outdoors. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture as you sit by the amphitheater, or perhaps relish the cool breeze blowing by the seaside with a hot cup of karak and a delicious chapati. If you fancy a meal, there are a number of restaurants serving up a variety of cuisines, where you can dine with a view, sometimes even outdoors. 

3. Oxygen Park, Education City: Not a lot of people know that Education City houses a huge park, perfect for exercising or even just relaxing with a bunch of friends. Located by the male housing complex, the park has running and cycling tracks, a football field and gorgeous water fountains that light up in different colors! It’s great for when you feel like going for a run in the peace and quiet! 


4. Al Hazm Mall: A mall? Weren't we talking about enjoying the weather OUTDOORS? Well, yes! That's why this mall is so unique! It's been open to the public for a while now, and its beautiful architecture and spectacular detailing will leave you astounded. Moreover, it has open-air walkways and piazzas that you can take advantage of as you engage in some much-needed retail therapy! So yes, it is a mall you can enjoy outdoors! 

5. Souq Waqif Al Wakra: This one is a must-visit during pleasant weather. The heat may have prevented you from visiting beachy spots earlier, but not anymore! Souq Waqif Al Wakra, while a bit further away from the city, is definitely worth the drive. Restaurants and shops by the beach, it’ll give you some intense historic vibes. Enjoying the starry sky as you walk alongside the water sounds pretty romantic, doesn’t it? 


These are just some of our favorite spots. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below! And don't forget to like and share — it keeps us going!