Aziz Maraka: Patience Is A Virtue Singing on stage is the best experience ever… full of unexpected events

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It is in the streets of Jordan that vibrating talents gave life to an alternative type of music, hungry for topics that go deeper and beyond the romanticism of commercial songs. All the way from the alleys of Amman to its great theaters, it has gathered around it a dedicated audience that grew considerably bigger within ten years.

Its champions are either independent bands such as Autostrade, Hayajan, and Jadal, or independent singers, like Aziz Maraka, who is the writer of the very famous song “Ya bint el nass”. Before Aziz made music, he had to seek it. 

He was not a celebrity, and his path is the outcome of a series of crucial decisions. From Doha-Qatar, find our what he had to reveal in a special interview with Red Bull: