Aqua Park Qatar: Water Slides, Wave Pool AND Eurocup 2016!

sarah.almutoteh's picture

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Aqua Park Qatar is putting a fun, unique twist to watching football matches now, by officially screening every Eurocup 2016 game on a large 2m by 2m screen. 

The Ramadan timings of the park are 8 pm to 2 am EVERYDAY. 

Picture this: you just dipped into the canal pool to relax for a while after the excitement of the slides, only to hear the screams of fans rejoicing over a goal in the background.

You rush out, grab your towel and watch the match with a cool drink in your hand – utter bliss.

The screen is situated in the middle of the waterpark, close to everything and far from nothing.

A couple of resturantrs and cafes surround the screening area, while water slides and pools completely engulf it.

So, if your favourite team is playing, you know where to head for this rare and awesome chance of cheering for your team in your swim suits!