Activities Everyone Can Partake in During Ramadan

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Many people might wonder what kind of things they can do during the holy month of Ramadan. During the day, most stores and restaurants are closed and a majority of Qatar’s population fasts until sunset. Many who don’t fast usually wonder what they can do during the day and even after sunset, as for those who do fast there are activities they can engage in, both during the day and after Iftar. However both non-Muslims and Muslims should avail of this month in terms of bridging cultural gaps. We’ve come up with some ideas of things to do for both people who fast and don’t fast.

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Iftar Tents

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Participate in the spirit of Ramadan by attending Iftar tents or buffets available at various hotels! The experience is definitely enriching and the food is delicious. So far the W Hotel has won my favor in terms of its Iftar tent.

Celebrate with Friends

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Join your Muslim friends for Iftar or Suhoor (pre-dawn meal). Not only is it a way to connect with your friends, it’s also a good experience to see how they break their fast and how they prepare to keep it for the following day.

Spend Time with Family

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Ramadan is always a wonderful opportunity to bond and spend more time with your family. Whether you’re Muslim or not Muslim, you should use this month to get closer to your loved ones. There are many things you can do, go to parks or malls, watch a movie, eat meals with them. Continue reading for more ideas! :)

Staying Fit

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For those who aren’t fasting you can take the opportunity to gym, run, or play sports during the entire day. Most facilities might be emptier than usual, as people who fast usually go to the gym after Iftar. Staying fit and healthy is also extremely important for people who
do fast - make sure you drink plenty of water when working out. (And try to not to work out while fasting as it’s unhealthy!)

Visit Museums

It’s always a unique and different experience when visiting museums. Doha’s museums really capture Islamic art and Middle-Eastern culture, and what better time to get in touch with the culture and religion than Ramadan? The timings for museums have changed for Ramadan, however there are some that open during the day and at later hours in the evening: 

-Al Riwaq: open everyday from 11am to 4pm, then from 8pm to 12am but closed on Tuesday and Friday. 
-Mathaf: open everyday from 10am to 5pm, closed on Monday and Friday. 
-The Fire Station is open everyday from 8pm to 12am, closes on Tuesdays.
-The Museum of Islamic Art is open everyday, but closes on Tuesday and Friday, and opens from 8pm to 12am. 

Visit the Souqs

Doha’s souqs are always brimming with great finds, particularly when it comes to jewelry, antiques, perfumes and oud (agar wood), as well as many other things! If you’re looking to become more acculturated this month you should definitely visit Souq Waqif, the Gold Souq, Souq Nasr, Souq Al Dira, and Doha Souq. They’re all in the same area so it’s not hard to find.

Activities at Katara Cultural Village

There are many Ramadan activities arranged at Katara this month. There’s the “Find your treasure" competition, which involves winning up to QR2500 (takes place every Friday from June 10, 8pm onwards), there are Gondola rides on the beach (you have to pay, starts from June 6, 7pm onwards), and for those interested Islamic lectures on June 11, 16, 17, and 18. Check out their website for more details or visit Katara.

Garangao Festivities

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Garangao usually takes place on the 14th night of Ramadan and is mostly a children’s celebration (although adults can participate). It’s like Halloween, but minus the horror and thrill. Kids go around neighborhoods asking for candy, dressed in traditional clothing. There are usually many festivities at Doha’s prime locations for Garangao, such as Katara or Souq Waqif. Keep an eye out for them! 

What kind of activities do you typically participate in during Ramadan? Comment below!