Why are your children so unimportant

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Yet again I want to raise this topic as I feel and I am sure many others do it is of great importance.

The irresponsibility of parents is shocking! How many people are driving high speed on the high way with their children either unstrapped in the back, hanging out the window, or worse, on the passenger lap. But the fact that some parents keep their children on their lap when driving, should be punished. There are laws and regulations that make safety seats and back seat seatbelts obligatory, as well as forbidding children in the front seat untill a certain age. I wonder how parents can take such risks on their child's safety.

There clearly needs to be much awareness-building in the public. Authorities should consider running extensive campaigns which will serve to highlight the consequences of not seating children in the rear or a child seat. Possibly real-life stories of past accidents resulting from such ignorance need to be spotlighted.

Please take a look this face book group created to build awareness http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=19861421940 there are some video links to view.

Take a look at these few videos on these links below