Whats Wrong Marrying A Senior Women?

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Dear Readers,

I am here seeking some valuable advice from you people regarding my personal life. I am an Unmarried Asian aged 27 previously an servicemen in my country, Here in Qatar for past few months on work permit leaving my good running business on my family’s hands searching for a dream come true event. I have a problem in getting a life partner because I like to get married to women much senior to me. I dream of a partner in her late 40s and 50s and even sometime in early 60s. Because of this, I am not able to get married. I had plenty of dates with women of my age, But feel uncomfortable with them. Senior women marrying a younger man is seen as a crazy act in my country, So I thought why don’t I give a try in other country where People around the globe work.

Here in Qatar I have spent half my earnings on putting advertisement on Internet and calling people on phone responding to my ads around the world. Some Senior women seeking rich and luxuries young husband and others not interested with my nationality. Why women are looking for big money when it comes for sharing life, I can provide her all her needs in a royal way in my country?. My country is one of the best Asian Destination most of the European and American tourist wants to visit. Then why Senior women avoid me when it comes to nationality? I am doing a business a there, that caters only for the visiting foreign tourist. So, Anyone of you please let me know the best way to find my dream, A best person who only cares about her mans personality and dedication and simply nothing else.

Hope you people will come up with plenty of suggestion and idea to get me a life which I have been dreaming for long time now. Anyone interested to mail me confidentially on my subject can mail me on passion5589@yahoo.com

With Regards,