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On July 3rd 2010, QLVG - ILQVG organized a major event that targeted the distribution of Water bottles, Juices, and Soft Drinks to the workers/laborers who are working under the Hot Summer Sun in Qatar.

A Brief on the Event:

10000 Bottles of Water, Juices and Soft-Drinks were generously donated by the members of the following communities (randomly listed):

Qatar Living
Qatar Living Volunteer Group
iLoveQatar.net Volunteer Group
AFC Asian Cup - Qatar 2011
Vodafone Qatar
Sigma Paints Qatar
Gems Advertising
Qatar Animal Welfare Society
Qatar National Imports & Exports

The collection of various donations ranging from Packs of Water and Juices to Ice-Boxes, Caps, and T-Shirts had been organized on Thursday July 1 and Friday July 2 between 6 pm and 7 30 pm. Once the collection was over, all the items were then taken to a storage facility provided by a member of QLVG; where several volunteering members gathered to help pack everything into the coolers provided.

On Saturday morning (6 am – 12pm), we had about 20 Vehicles and approximately 75 Volunteers who had foregone their Saturday morning Sleep; some had taken a morning off from their work and came together to join hands on a noble cause of distributing the donations to these workers who are spread across different Areas of Qatar. All the volunteers covered areas like Rayyan, Gharaffa, West Bay, Al Sadd, Mansoura, and even as far as Wakrah and Al Khor (incl. Simaisma).

At this time, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of QLVG-ILQVG to thank all the people who have joined hands to show care and concern to our fellow expatriates working under dire conditions in Qatar. We would also like to give a special thank you to the following:

We would like to convey our Thank You to a very active member of QLVG “PITSTOP” who had very generously provided us with the place to store & pack the donations in ice-boxes and also provided ice for these ice-boxes.

Also, iloveqatar.net and Vodafone Qatar for their never ending support to this campaign by donating a large number of Water packs to be distributed Along with T-Shirts & Caps that were also part of their support to this campaign. We would also like to extend a special Thank you to Mr. Graham Maher, CEO Vodafone Qatar and other Senior Members of Vodafone Qatar who were present on that day in person showing their support and helping in the Distribution Campaign around the West Bay and Diplomatic Areas.

A quick mention of thanks to M/s Qatar National Imports & Exports for providing us with a Refrigerator Truck which was extremely beneficial to help us store our supplies and distribute to the workers Cold. This was courtesy of iloveqatar.net

The support rendered to our campaign by the AFC Asian Cup - Qatar 2011 management is worth another mention as they had been told about this only 48 hours in advance to the day. We express our sincere thanks to them as well, for the Donation of T-Shirts which were distributed to the workers and for their joining hands with all the other gathered expatriates in distributing their share of the Drinks, caps, & t-shirts to workers and laborers in Al Rayyan & Gharaffa area. .

Our sincere thanks is also extended to Sigma Paints Qatar who had again at such short notice, taken an active part in supporting this campaign by generously donating Ice-Coolers, T-shirts and Caps and also being part of the Distribution Campaign in the West Bay Area..

We would also like express our sincere gratitude towards the members of the Qatar Animal Welfare Society who had readily offered help in this campaign when they had so much of work waiting for them back on the Farm. We would like to thank them for joining in the Distribution Campaign & donating large quantities of water and juices which had been distributed in high construction areas, in and around, Dafna & West Bay.

We also would like to thank GEMS Advertising who had donated a number of ice-boxes, supplies of water & juices in their support and commitment towards the Campaign and the Community as a whole.

We express our gratitude to the two of the most popular websites visited on a daily basis: Qatar Living.com and iLoveqatar.net who had extended their support throughout this campaign by initially allowing it to be published over the websites thus enabling the campaign to seek awareness and also by mainly providing a platform for people from different communities to come together and join hands to serve on such a noble Cause. Thank You!

Last but not the least, just a mention of our Thank You will not be sufficient to express how grateful we are to each and every member who has worked so tirelessly to ensure this Distribution campaign is a success through the planning stages, collection days, packing, and Distribution.

Thank you Once again, to each and every individual member and organization who has directly or indirectly contributed their support to the success of this campaign. Lunch was sponsored by QLVG who met at Pizza Hut after the campaign to all Volunteers who were a part of the successful Campaign.

Looking forward to your assistance in many such events in the future.

On Behalf of Qatar Living Volunteer Group – iloveqatar.net Volunteer Group

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