Visiting Qatar - hoping to meet recruiters and hiring mgrs

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I will be in Doha from the 7th through the 21st. I will be relocating as soon as it is practical to do so. (My fiance is an attorney with Silatech.)

I would like any advice I can get on locating the 'right' recruitment firms. I am interested both in 'informational interviews' and actual hiring interviews if I'm so lucky.

I have 22 years on Wall Street. I am not necessarily looking for financial services if something else opens up. My experience as a manager is quite varied from managing technical projects to large global operations programs and vendors with offices in the US, UK, Luxembourg, India, South Africa, etc.

Can anyone tell me who they would consider to be the Must-See recruitment / placement firms in Doha? Any other tips on the best use of time (apart from having dinner with my fiance for a change...) would be appreciated.

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