Virtual Tour of Brazil Fan Zone 2014!

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On the 13th of July we'll know who the World Cup champion is going to be! There are many places that put effort to bring the ''World Cup mania'' to Qatar with unique decorations, food, equipment and more. The best place to see the World Cup this year would be at the ''Brazil 2014 Fan Zone'' at Katara organized by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (2022 World Cup committee). The Fan Zone at Katara is not just celebrating one of the most exciting sports event in the world, but also to implement and test cooling technology which is part of the SC’s research and development efforts in the lead up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. How's the cooling system working at the Fan Zone? You'd definitely need to go there and feel it yourself Wink

Where is the Fan Zone? What is the the process to enter the stadium? We'll answer your questions below.

The Fan Zone is located at Katara (you'll see a colourful stadium even from further). *Access to a location map

First, you need to go to the Exhibition Centre whether you've registered online or not. Here's the door to enter;

Once you enter, you'll get a warm welcome and staff/volunteers will kindly assist your exciting journey to the Fan Zone!

You will see many computers there and what you need to do is type your name, email address and Qatari ID number (please note that your Qatari ID will be checked).

Once you register your details, you will receive a wristband. Each wristband is fitted with a personalised chip that you can swipe to digitally record every moment of your journey in the form of scores, times and even photos! You can have these moments emailed to you to look at later Smile

Are you ready to off to the Fan Zone?

Let's Go!

There are shuttle buses which goes and comes back between the Exhibition Centre and the Fan Zone every 5min.

Get on a bus, say hi to the driver and sit on your favourite spot Laughing 

It's only a few minutes journey to get to the stadium but you know.... it's so humid outside and you don't want to sweat!

Once you get there, go through the security gate and you'll see a big venue map below.

There are many activties you can enjoy with your family and friends besides watching a football match on the screen. Everything at the venue except food and drinks are free of charge! Get a facepainting and get in the mood!

Remember to use your RFID band. You’ll want a memory of you and the FIFA World Cup glory!

Could you keep your cool walking out to take a penalty at the Al Wakrah Stadium in 2022? Find out using the latest 360 virtual reality technology. They've got the Oculus Rift!

Fancy yourself as a ‘Penalty Pro’? You’ve got 60 seconds to prove it, by scoring through the holes until the whistle blows!

Get your photo taken with the most famous trophy on Earth!

Do as the Brazilians do! Challenge your friends to a game of mini beach football on the 8.5 x 6 metre sand pitch. (See more of the activities they have)

Getting hungry? Let's get some energy before we move to a live screening zone!

TADAAAAAAA! Around 1,500 football fans are able to sit and watch matches!

They don't even let you get bored during a break time. Our Hammad Al-Amari is a host of the Fan Zone and he'll make you happy and laugh! Don't miss competitions during a match. You might get a great prize. Either way you get to enjoy the lovely stage performances!

This is Qatar's longest foosball table. You could win a prize from a competition organized by KIA.

Have you made enough memories at Fan Zone? Don't forget to take many pics there with Fan Zone mascots and share it with us here and by tagging #MyFanZone and mention @DeliverAmazing for your chance to win great prizes!

The 2014 Brazil Fan Zone at Katara will be open until the FIFA World Cup Final on Sunday, July 13.

Pre- registration tickets are all sold-out. The only way you can enter the Fan Zone is to go to the Exhibition Centre first and register your details to get a a wristband! As they have limited seats available, we recommend you to be there early to reserve a good spot. You might want to bring a scarf or thin jacket with you in case you got a bit cold (yes the cooling system is that good)Surprised

Who'll be a champion of the Brazil World Cup 2014? Get involved and be a witness of the precious moment at the Fan Zone!

Photos by Van darren Martinez