Two Qatari con'boys' sentenced to one year in jail

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Two conmen who had been posing as police officers and intimidating people into giving them money have been convicted on two separate charges. Both are youngsters barely out of school.

In the first instance, the two, who were in a car, stopped a pedestrian and told him to get in their vehicle saying they needed to verify his identity. The pedestrian was carrying a laptop, a camera and an expensive mobile phone. The duo then asked him to prove that the valuables belonged to him.

They kept his identity card, ATM and credit cards along with the valuables. The ‘policemen’ then asked to see his passport. As he was not carrying it, he took them to his house. Once they reached there, he entered his home only to find they had pulled a vanishing act. He also discovered that they had used his ATM card to withdraw QR11,000.

In the second case, the swindlers stopped a man near his house late in the night. He was asked to produce his ID and wallet for a routine check. This victim, too, was asked to show his passport. Again, the two disappeared as soon as the man entered his home. He found out later the conmen had used his ATM card to purchase a number of items from six different shops.

However, the culprits soon ran out of luck. The victim one day happened to see the pair in another part of the town in their car.

This time, he noted the car's registration number and tipped off the real police along with a vivid description of the two. The police soon arrested the con artists.

So upset was the doting mother of one of the criminals to learn about his involvement in the heinous crimes, she lost her eyesight.

The Lower Court sentenced the two to six years’ imprisonment. However, the sentence was later reduced to one year on account of their young age.

The Pen

They should STILL get 6 years. The poor mother.