The Truth About Ramadan's Curfew For Filipinas

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Have you read this email from your friends or from the other site:

Dear Friends/Colleagues/ Villa mates,

Promotion time po ngayon ng mga police (Now is the promotion time for Police). They set up check points especially for Filipinas after 10PM everyday. Last night, they picked up ladies and couples (even married ones) @ QBC.

Please dress modestly, avoid dating, and if you are a lady please be picked-up/dropped off by couples or ladies. Be safe and prayerful.

Please disseminate information to your friends (especially ladies).


Because of these insulting and frightening e-mail, I decided to send a private message to Amnesia. As a Qatari he is the one who has the best knowledge with the situation here in Qatar. I also asked him the permission to post these information here on the site to avoid hearsays and negative thoughts. The aim of this post is to give confidence to all Filipinas that Qatar is still a friendly country as long as you are doing the right thing.

Read the F.A.Q below:

1.Is it true that they are implementing a curfew of 10:00PM?
Amnesia: No there is NO curfew

2. Is Groups can still stay in coffee shop after 10:00PM?
Amnesia: Of course! Everyone stays up late at night for suhour. Up to 3 am.

3. Ladies should not wear sleeve less shirts and short skirts?
Amnesia: yes

4. Is lady can still be fetch and drop off by his male friend from her house?
Amnesia: It's fine.

5. A lady and a man can still stay outside even without marriage contract as long as they are not doing any indecent act.
Amnesia: yes

6. Holding hands and sitting together inside the stopped car while drinking coffee is not allowed.
Amnesia: It is not against the law but I wouldn't do that because if you get a bad police man he can make it sound like you were doing something worse.

7. A lady and a man can stay together in a running car.
Amnesia: it's fine.

8. Avoid too much laughing in public places and coffee shop.
Amnesia: People can laugh, it's not a problem, its about being respectful....

Amnesia also added that during ramadan there are police that enforce Ramadan rules and these rules includes dressing modestly (meaning not wearing strapless or short skirts). These rules is not targeted to Filipinas only but also for everyone. He also affirmed that the letter that we received just want to scare people.

I hope that this informations will give us more confidence in the street as long as we are not doing things which are against their rules.

There is no curfew guys so we can still enjoy the night. Just always remember to respect their traditions. Qatar is still a friendly country for us.