Taxi's not following the rules

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Aggrieved customers hurled harsh words at taxi drivers during a confrontation at the City Center taxi rank at midnight on Thursday.

This happened when around 100 commuters waiting impatiently for taxis for more than an hour found the taxi drivers were picking up fares on the road opposite the mall, far away from the designated waiting area.

The road is not meant for taxis, but due to heavy traffic on the route to City Center premises, cabs have started to pick up passengers from the opposite side of the road.

One lady passenger in the queue confronted a driver who had just picked up a passenger. The driver said that he decided to take the woman because she had a child with her.

"There are many people in the queue who have children, you should pick them up as well," the irate woman said, to no effect.

Another customer in the line and his son shouted at taxi drivers asking them why they were picking up passengers not in the queue. But the drivers turned a deaf ear to their complaints. There were a substantial number of taxis to be seen but very few moved towards the stand. "That's cheating," an angry customer in the queue yelled, angry that passengers on the opposite side of the roads were coolly getting into cabs.

Seeing the situation would not get any better, frustrated shoppers had to resort to `private' taxis to take them to their destinations.

Despite the concerted efforts of the Mowasalat management, a taxi shortage is still being witnessed, especially in the outskirts of Doha due to the rising demand driven by an increase in population.

Mowasalat had recently issued a statement saying it would increase the number of Karwa taxis plying in Doha this coming Eid Al Fitr holidays.

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