so, what's the root cause of qatari/expat anomosity anyway?

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I have a strong suspicion that there have been other threads about this, but I couldn't find them using the search feature, so I thought I'd throw caution to the winds and give it a shot.

Browsing through this site, I've seen quite a few posts from Qataris as well as expats bemoaning the lack of understanding and interaction between the two cultures. I wanted to get people's opinions on what is the root cause of this phenomenon.

I've seen Qatari posts (not on this site) saying "Expats are just jealous of our money, they think we should be working for them!" Conversely, I've seen expats post and say things like "Qataris treat us terribly! They're rich and spoiled!" I don't think these sorts of comments are constructive-- at all. So, please do respond, but do us all a favor and take a step back for a few minutes, think your thoughts through clearly and make a logical analysis-- don't shoot from the hip, as you'll be more likely to generalize. And if you've had some sort of transformative, eurika-type moment, where your thoughts and feelings towards the different cultures in Qatar changed, please share!