Sewage spillover stinks up life

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How long can one hold his or her breath? One minute? Two? Maybe three minutes? The residents of a neighbourhood in Bin Omran and another in Najma have been at it for months now.
Sewage has breached its barriers and overflowed into these two suburbs, making life a malodorous punishment for the children, women and men inhabiting these boroughs. The stink in the Bin Omran near the TV roundabout is the result of ongoing road works in a residential-cum-commercial area. Residents told the Gulf Times that sewage has been the problem for them for over three months. The problem is acute near the Choice Restaurant/Rado Building part of the area.
As the sewage problem is a “byproduct” of a road project that has been going on for more than four months, no complaint has been filed , they said. Local shopkeepers believe that the road works have taken too long. What is worsening the situation is that the ongoing work has made it impossible to park vehicles on the stretch of road that connects the TV roundabout and the Hamad Hospital tunnel.
A repulsive smell hangs heavy over the area as well, driving prospective customers away in a time when businesses are already facing a slowdown. “People are disgusted by the stench, and they do not come to eat here anymore,” said one of the restaurants’ employees.
In the crowded Najma area, a sewage line seems to have been breached, with the drain water having created its own puddle on the edge of the street. The Najma sewer has been overflowing for two months. Businesses located nearby, mostly restaurants, have been affected, sources said. “There has been no response though complaints have been filed with the Doha Municipality,” local shopkeepers claim.
According to some shopkeepers, the municipal staff “came and looked at the problem but have done nothing to fix it.” They said that the people who come to eat once in the restaurants complain too much about the bad smell, and do not come back again.
Hot on the heels of the swift municipal action following a Gulf Times report on garbage in the nearby Souk Haraj, the long-suffering Najma residents hope that their neighbourhood too would see a quick response from the concerned authorities.

Why does the government let it get so bad? it's not the newspapers job to find these issues, the Ministry of Health or whatever it's equivelant should be taking care of this!