Residency Permit Law in Qatar for when buying property

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Residency Permits in Qatar - Legislation for Residency Permit - Law on buying property

"Under Qatari law, foreigners are allowed to buy property in specific areas of the country, for 99 years, extendable for a further 99 years, and the property is transferable to their heirs. Foreigners who buy in any of these areas are automatically granted residency, which extends to the owner’s family, for the whole duration of the ownership."

Law No (17) of 2004 Regulating Ownership and Usufruct of Real Estate and Residential Units by non-Qataris (the “Foreign Ownership of Real Estate Law”)

Cabinet Resolution No (20) of 2004 provided that non-Qataris may own land, buildings and residential units in the abovementioned projects, together with the right to dispose of, or exploit, those interests in accordance with the applicable laws.

Non-Qataris may also acquire rights of usufruct over the following assets:

(i) Real Estate, for a term of 99 years renewable on similar terms, within the Investment Areas, (the location terms and conditions being declared by Cabinet Resolution); and

(ii) in respect of one or more “Residential Units”, in residential areas for a term not exceeding 99 years, renewable on similar terms (on terms and conditions declared by Cabinet resolution).

In general, a “right of usufruct” is a right to enjoy property belonging to another person and to us it for one’s own profit, utility and advantage. To date, eighteen areas have been listed

As for Residency permits read up on

Law No (2) of 2006

The benefit of the changes to non-Qataris is that it allows those who own residential property, business or investment subject to the regulations thereof, to apply for an entry visa and Residency Permit without a local Qatari sponsor.