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First and foremost before I go to my main concern I just wanna say that I've settled in well here in Qatar and I can honestly and sincerely say that I've found a second home aside from my own home country. On that note, I wanted to raise this important inquiry.

My current contract will end in six or five months and I'm really excited to look for another employer that offers a challenging, decent career path and standard compensation and benefits, but I've read that the 5 years re-entry ban is now in effect. In a nut shell, after finishing my contract, I have to wait for 5 years before I can come back and look for another employer? if the answer is yes, is there a way for me to break free from the clutches of my current mediocre company to look for a better one.

Thank you in advance and more power.

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Hi, where did you read about the 5 year re-entry ban?

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I haven't heard of that. I'd like to know the source too.

As far as I know, it's 2 years ban IF you don't have an NOC (no objections letter)

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My source's details are sketchy, he never gave me an exact explanation but according to him, he applied for a local employment agency back at home but was referred to a different country in GCC since he just finish a 2 year contract that ended last october and according to him (which he was told by the employment agency) he needs to wait 5 years since theres a new sponsorship law in Qatar. Thats why I wanted to confirm this.

Thanks alot for the swift response.

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as what i kn0w, its only tw0 years.. but if you have NOC (no objection certificate) fr0m your empl0yer, you can c0me back anytime.. but be aware, NOC is at the discretion of the employer :(

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The new (or amendments to) sponsorship law still maintains a two-year ban from departure of a worker, exclusion to this is the issuance of an NOC from the former sponsor. If the worker was dismissed due to violations of any provisions of Article 61 of the Labour Law, then the worker is banned from re-entry to Qatar for four years. Please see below:

Source: Law No. 4 of 2009 Regulating the Entry and Exit of Expatriates in Qatar and Their Residence and Sponsorship

Article 4
No work visa shall be granted to any expatriate that has already been granted a visa to work in the State until the expiry of two years from the date of departure.

The Minister or his nominee may exclude the application of such term and in some events, the competent authority may exclude some events from the application of such term on a consent in writing by the former sponsor.

Article 14
If a worker is dismissed from work in accordance with the provisions of Article 61 of the Labour Law, the laws regulating the affairs of the public employees or any other law without appealing the dismissal resolution before the competent court or the appeal of such resolution by the expatriate and the rejection of such appeal, such worker may not reenter to the State for work until the expiry of four years from the date of his departure.

Article 61 of the Labour Law (Law No. 14 of 2004)
The employer may dismiss the worker without notice and without payment of the end of service gratuity in the following instances:

1. If the worker assumes a false identity or nationality or submits false certificates or documents.

2. If the worker commits an act which causes gross financial loss to the employer provided that the employer shall notify the Department of the incident within 24 hours from the time of his being aware thereof.

3. If the worker violates more than once the written instructions of the employer concerning the safety of workers and the establishment despite his being notified in writing of the violation provided that these instructions shall be written and posted up in a conspicous place.

4. If the worker fails more than once to carry out his essential duties under the service contract or this law despite his having been notified in writing thereof.

5. If the worker discloses the secrets of the establishment where he is employed.

6. If the worker is found during the working hours in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drug.

7. If the worker commits an assault on the person of the employer, the manager or one of his supervisors in the work during the work or by reason thereof.

8. If the worker repeats his assault on his colleagues in work despite his being warned in writing thereof.

9. If the worker absents himself from work without legitimate cause for more than seven consecutive days or 15 days in one year.

Hope this helps.

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i been finished my contract and did renew it for another year,but unfortunately my company close his business without prior notice to us, my company closed last sept 30 2010. i just wonder if i am subject to ask an NOC? badly my employer refuse to give a NOC to be use to find another job here in qatar. my employer is not local, he is from Kuwait and no anymore business here, is it ok to be hired again here even without NOC from my x-employer. or coming back from the Philippines without any problem?


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dear sir
i am here to qatar arrived on 2010 may 09 now i am like to back to home (exit) can i return to qatar with in month to another company (i am not well in english )
thank you



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Any changes in Qaar labour law for reentry to Qatar.


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nothing has been announced.

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Hi good day amnesia

my question is there a particular page in MOI that we can checked our banning how long and when it be effective? cause im really searching but hopeless and i never get any part in MOI to see the banning issue

thank you so much...

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on the left side of the site there's a links section. Click on there and maybe one of the government sites can help.

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As per Qatar Law No. (4) of 2009 regulating the entrance, exit, residence and sponsorship of expatriates

Article (14)

In case a worker is terminated as per the provisions of article (16) of the Labor Law or the laws regulating the affairs of state employees or any other law, and the decision is not objected to before the relevant court or the objection is rejected, said worker may not return to the state for work for at leas four years from date of exit.

Qatar Law

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