Ramadan-Mubarak(.com) everyone!

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Hey there everyone!!

We’ve got super fantastic amazing news!

www.ramadan-mubarak.com has launched!

It’s a very exciting website for Qatar because it’s probably the first website of its kind. In fact, we’re almost certain that it is!
The beauty of Ramadan-mubarak.com is that it’s so simple. Not only is it easy to navigate but there are some great features!

Dynamic Background

>The website’s background changes depending on the time of day.
- In the morning the sky is dim and a yellow sun rises
- During the day the sun shines a bright white, birds fly around and the wind gently sways the hanging lanterns
- For sunset and because it’s so rare for us to enjoy a beautiful one in real life, our site’s sunset lasts for 15 minutes before night, so you’ve got to go on our website at exactly the right time to see our orange sky.
- When it’s time to break your fast, the moon pops out, the lanterns light up and the stars twinkle.
Why is this special? Because it’s a fun way of letting people know when its time to break their fast! Don’t have a calendar? Have a calendar but don’t know what time it is? Just visit the site and if you see the moon, you can break your fast. It’s also a great tool for kids!

> Phases of the moon.
Every day, the moon on our site changes slightly depending on the phase of the moon. Muslims use this to determine the end of Ramadan! What day do you think will have that perfect crecent?

We’re social!
> Sharing is caring:
You’ll notice Twitter, Facebook, and the FB like button on the site. So sharing the site is extremely simple! Go ahead! Click on our LIKE button.

> Tents and Events:
During Ramadan many people meet up at night at various tents and events to be together and socialize. If you’re looking for a calendar of events, then our site will be there with you. Our calendar will constantly be updated as we get wind of more events!

Send an eCard!
We’ve created some very nice and colorful Ramadan cards for you to send out to family and friends. All you need to do is select the image you want, type in the message you want, move the message so that it’s in just the right spot and click send!
Love the card? You can save it in MMS format so that you can transfer it to your mobile and send it to anyone through your mobile!
Don’t see an image you like? You can upload your OWN image and send it out as an ecard!
We love choices!

Ramadan 101
We know that some people might not know what Ramadan is all about, so we’ve gone ahead and included an “About Ramadan” tab on the site. If you want to brush up on your understand of Ramadan, then visit this section for : when it is, what its about, dates and times, tips about eating, drinking and smoking, dress code and special considerations.

> Convenient Prayer and Iftar times!
We’ve gone ahead and tried to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to knowing when to pray and when to break your fast.
- We’ve got a calendar on our site to view
- Every page has the sunrise and sunset times
- You can download the calendar to your phone or desktop
- You can register to receive FREE sms notifications
- You can pick up a pocket calendar in store
AND you can visit our mobile portal at http://mobile.vodafone.com.qa/ramadan

What are you waiting for? Spread the word!