QU to award 100 teacher scholarships to non-Qataris

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Qatar University's Teacher Education Scholarship (QUTES) will begin this fall. It is a new QU-funded initiative which will award up to 100 scholarships to qualified non-Qatari applicants, said Dr Hissa

Al Sadiq, Dean of the College.

"The shortage of teachers is a critical issue in Qatar and schools desperately need highly qualified teachers irrespective of their nationality," Dr Al Sadiq said, adding that recipients of the scholarship are obliged to teach in an independent or government school in Qatar for two years following successful completion of their respective diplomas.

Dr Al Sadiq explained that the objective of the scholarship is to graduate competent teachers in Qatar and provide Qatari schools with qualified teachers who are adaptable life learners and who can embrace the ongoing education reforms in Qatar.

Four diploma programmes offered under the QUTES are Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Special Education. Candidates who are admitted into one of the programmes are given the opportunity to apply for QUTES.

The initiative falls within the College's conceptual framework "Together We Shape the Future through Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship and Leadership". Tackling the issue of the shortage of well-trained teachers in Qatar is included in this framework.

The initiative was affected following a survey conducted by the College on the 50 percent drop-out of students from its Early Childhood and Special Education Programmes due to the increase in fee for non-Qataris which took place last year. Twenty-four of the 31 students at the College responded to the survey — 75 percent recommended reduction of fees for non-Qataris. The scholarship is aimed to benefit non-Qatari teachers since Qatari students already receive a tuition exemption, Dr Al Sadiq said.

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