Qatar's 'I Love Qatar' Man

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Nope, has nothing to do with but check out these photos of this guy who decorated his car.
That's some serious lovin' going on!

A lot of people asked me who he is. He's known as 'Al Mukana' or the "masked man". He used to live in the village my family lived in. When he was young, he'd wear a mask and a cape and ride around the village calling himself the masked man. He further cemented that title when he entered a race wearing a mask.

He started to decorate his bike by placing small stickers, bells, and flags.

He then grew older and ended up buying a motorbike which he started to modify and decorate. He added so much that the bike wasn't even movable. His love for the bike and showing off didn't stop him, so after a few tweaks and add-ons, the bike was drivable.

Ever since, he's been moving on to bigger and more fun projects. I love seeing him and my father always smiles when he remembers the neigbourhood masked man.



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