Qatar Entertainment City - North Doha - Lusail

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Entertainment City Qatar (:P)

CLIMATE-CONTROLLED pedestrian walkways, snow dome, water park, rain forest and aquarium (the world's largest) will be some of the “unique” attractions at Qatar Entertainment City.
The project, known as Tarfeeh City, would be the first integrated family destination in Qatar, Mahmood Samy Naib, chief development officer at Abu Dhabi Investment House (ADIH), the owners of the property, told Gulf Times yesterday.
The massive 1mn m2 Tarfeeh City would be developed at the heart of Lusail, combining three key elements of life in one place – live, work and play, Naib explained.
He hoped the waterfront development, “designed with people in mind”, would become a “true regional hub for family entertainment”. It would be a place where families, visitors, residents and tourists meet to experience a blend of the old and the new as a variety of architectural styles reflect the natural evolution from trading port to a sophisticated family destination, he added.
Tarfeeh City would have four components - entertainment, retail, hospitality and residential.
The city had its pre-launch introduction at Estate Qatar and the property is likely to be launched for sale by early next year, Naib said. It has been under planning for the last 11/2 years and is now completing design of the infrastructure.
The strategy is to carry out the project on a fast-track basis, which would mean that the different packages could overlap each other. The first family was likely to move into the place in “18-20 months” or by early 2010, the CDO said.
Grant Bowery, real estate department director of ADIH, said the entire project was likely to be completed in four-five years.
The officials said five districts would be linked by a canal with water taxis and air-conditioned tracks meandering through luxury villas, sea view apartments, five star hotels, boardwalks, beaches, restaurants, cafes, shops and world-class entertainment zones.
One of the five districts, the Down Town, would be at the heart of Tarfeeh City, and it would be a vibrant hub blending the old and the new. The uniqueness of the project would be the harmony between the old and the new, they said.
“The district would be pulsating with people strolling through the Souq and modern shopping malls or having fun in the 50,000sq m of multiple entertainment centres, all in the close proximity to the deluxe apartments”.
The Board Walk, set on the Gulf, is “unique in design with beach-facing international restaurants and shopping malls. There would be five star hotels, an aquarium and a multi-purpose arena.
The North Shore would be a combination of residential and hotel towers and modern apartments with sea views adjacent to a state-of-the-art Water Park, the officials said.
The South Shore is a resort-style blend of villas, apartments and beach hotels set in a waterfront living environment with retail, entertainment and international restaurants.
The Villas is set in a prime location close to the Down Town hub and the Fox Hills Nature Reserve.
Entertainment at Tarfeeh City would cater to the needs of tourists, visitors and families. The highlights include virtual skiing, virtual bowling, turbo drop ride, 4D theatre, snow dome, water park, rain forest and aquarium, they revealed.