Qatar to build World's First Cooled Cycle Path - 35km

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This is a CYCLING: News and Views podcast featuring Adnan Rahman of Rand Europe describing the thinking behind an ?air-conditioned? 35km cycle-path network to be built in the Gulf State of Qatar in 2007.

The multi-million dollar cycle infrastructure project in Doha, capital of Qatar, is bankrolled by the Emir of Qatar and will create the best, most futuristic cycle-path in the world. Seven metres wide on Doha?s Corniche, the cycle-path is to have a stunning canopy and will be water-cooled.

Doha city is Dubai's only equal competitor. With a stronger currency and a wealthier nation overall, Qatar has it's eye set on being the heart of the Middle East. Doha has been importing the best minds from Japan, USA, and UK to also advance the city to futuristic level and push forward their e-government initiative.

Audio recorded at Velo Mondial by Carlton Reid, editor of and