Qatar Airways...........The Truth from Inside

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OK here it goes………………….It’s a long read, but if you read it you just might find out some tips and understand why Doha International Airport is so bad.

First of all there are two main companies in Doha Airport. Qatar Airways (QR) and Qatar Aviation Services (QAS). QR Staff are employed directly by the airline and are in the burgundy uniform, they are for customer service apparently and have the final say.

QAS are the handling agents who are indirectly owned by Qatar Airways, they are in the blue uniform. If you ever have a problem at Doha Airport it is pretty much pointless arguing with anyone from QAS as they have no power and can only follow what QR staff tell them.


The big problem is fear and respect which comes straight from the top [Moderator : Please do not mention names]

FEAR: The staff including managers and supervisors constantly live in fear of losing their job, they are reminded everyday that if they make one mistake they will be terminated.

RESPECT: Most supervisors and managers are in place by default; they have been there a long time and haven’t been good enough to move on. They have had no training in how to deal with staff and all they know is how to shout. They treat staff as they are their own personal slaves and force them to work unpaid overtime.

MONEY: The majority of the staff are on 2500 Riyals a month and worked to death, they work 9 hour days and 6 day weeks.

CONTROL: When the staff leave work their lives are controlled. The female staff have a curfew of 12am; they must return to their accommodation or be terminated. They are allowed no visitors into the accommodation. The male staff are not allowed any visitors passed 10pm of they will be terminated.

So you have staff that live in fear of losing their job, who spend all day being shouted at by passengers and then shouted at by their supervisors. They earn a low salary and then there employer controls there life outside of work. How can staff who are treated like this be expected to give passengers a five star service?


Qatar Airways continue to break one of the most important laws according to IATA. In the event a flight is over booked, joining passengers (from Doha) must be denied boarding or offloaded before those who have already started their journey (transit passengers).

This never happens because the QR staff are too scared to upset Qataris. When these transit passengers arrive from their previous flight they are told they missed there connecting flight and therefore not entitled to compensation or accommodation. So they face a wait of sometimes 25 hours in Doha airport.

When Qatar Airways staff realise a flight is overbooked they are instructed to go through the passenger list and then identify those passengers who are from Nepal, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. These are first choice passengers to be offloaded as they are considered to be less educated and less likely to know the rules and less likely to make a fuss.

Oh and if you are offloaded or denied boarding make sure you get your compensation, QR staff will not usually inform you of what you’re entitled to…it’s usually £100-£200 per person!!!!!!!!!!

There are loads more rules they break on a daily basis, including passports not checked with identity of passengers, luggage checked without passenger, strangers turning up to airport and being allowed to give luggage to complete strangers to take onboard with them without knowing the contents inside and lots lots more.


QR & QAS Staff have one big fear, argumentative passengers who don’t believe their bullsh*t. This is why there no1 fear is NOT Qatari or American passengers…but the British. The reason is the British know how to complain and never give up, trust me if you don’t fight QR & QAS staff they will not do anything for you. If you want compensation or any decent level of customer service you need to DEMAND IT. So to get everything you want all you have to do is complain and argue and of course NOISE.

There are lots more problems, rules broken, tips, hits, etc coming....including why SKYTRAX give QR 5 STARS!!!!!!!!