Organic and Gluten Free Food in Qatar

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Organic Land aims to help every person in Qatar to improve their own health and well-being by supplying quality organic and healthy food at affordable prices

Customer Target : we are targeting five different customer categories:

- Organic Food consumers: We have the leading organic brand in the world called "Rapunzel" (

- Gluten Free consumers: We have the No 1 brand in the world called "Schar" (

- Lactose intolerance consumers : we have one of the leading brands of soy milk in the world called "Silk" (

- Organic Baby food: we have the leading brand in baby organic food called "Happy Baby" (

- Healthy and Organic Snack bars consumers : we have a couple of the leading brands called "simply bar" ( and " taste of Nature" (

Where can you Buy them: Currently the items are available at selected Almeera Hypermarket branches like Aldafna, Alhilal,Alnasr,airport and Alwakra in addition to Gean Hyper market in Hayyat Plaza

if you have any questions or need some help, pls email or @Qatar_Organic