One of the coolest things in Japan at the moment

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Have you heard of ' Ameba' ??

It's unique in the way it has socialized blogs via a virtual online community - Ameba Pigg. Yes, it's an odd name... But it is Japan after all ;)

In the English speaking world, the free blogging platforms that stand out from the crowd are Google's Blogger and While those services are also popular in Japan, a particularly strong homegrown contender is, which is now looking to tap into a global audience by launching as a Facebook app. More than just a blog platform, Ameba is unique in the way it has socialized blogs via a virtual online community, Ameba Pigg. Yes, it's an odd name... But it is Japan after all.

Picture your standard blogging software, with an option to switch to a 3D Second Life-ish world, only cuter and with simpler graphics. When you meet friends in this world you can click through to their blog and browse what they write. Adding the virtual world element to blogging is a very innovative way of making blogs more social. And it's particularly unique in Japan where blogs have traditionally been diary-style islands with little social interaction between users.

When you begin on Ameba Pigg you first need to create your virtual self. Select from a wide range of eyes, noses, and other features to create a face that looks like yours. After you've styled your character to your liking, you can also select what kind of room you would like to act as your home base. Once that's done you can venture out into the world and explore real-life locales like Shibuya or Yoyogi Park.

In social settings you can chat with others, friend them, and visit their blogs if you find them interesting. You can even visit their rooms, which on the surface looks like a potentially dangerous feature. But the fact that most Japanese bloggers are more protective of their anonymity might be the reason why it can work in Japan :)

If you wanna make some friends, improve your Japanese or just killing your time, it would be fun to join Ameba Pigg ! You can see how Japanese people are creative!

And don't worry if you can not speak Japanese!
Because there are many pigg fans from all over the world!! Also,Japanese people live in foreign countries join pigg and they can speak English, German sometimes French...etc... without a problem!

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