NOC vs Business Visa

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I would like to seek an advice from your side if possible. I am very new here since I came here in Doha last October 24, 2011 as Company Sponsored Business Visa and I don't really know the rules. I was given 3 months probationary period and after that they will process my Working Visa if they will satisfy my work. From thence, I have already rendered services with them for 2 months and my last month to renew my visa will end on January 24, 2012. Within my 1st month working with them, unfortunately there is something unexpected happened to our CEO (a sadden death). We feel very in graved and worried on what's future awaits on us. For nobody knows who will be going to take in place for the company . We feel we are same like a sinking boat that time. Everybody's was worried and even me because I am very new to the company. So then, my direct Supervisor advice us to start looking for another job which I did also. I went for some interviews and waiting for their reply. Since then after 2 weeks, we heard that somebody will be handling the company and that was a brother of our late Boss. So then, the business is on at hand now and trying to move forward.

To make the story short, after those interviews I went, fortunately I was called from one of the stable company here in Qatar and got an offer from them which I couldn't decline the Offer. A very good offer compared to my previous one.

My question is that:

1. Is it necessary to get NOC from the previous company even if I'm still holding a Business Visa?

2. What if my previous company will not give NOC, can I still get the job from other company? Is there any implications if I will tender my resignation?

3. Is there any possible way to transfer to the other company without requiring NOC?

4. Can you give me some advice on what I am supposed to do with this matter.

Thank you very much and your help will be highly appreciated.