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Dear Sir,

Thanks very much for your prompt responds to the questions and your valuable time & help. Pls kindly help me.

My questions are as follows,

01. I am completing my seventh year in this company and will I oblige to get an NOC by the company.
02.If not what are the other options available to remain in Qatar as I am married and having one kid.
03.In simple i was underpaid according to market norm and my living status is very very low for a section manager.
04.Company claim that i have certain amount to be paid back which i too agree but not the amount in there books. Based on this in case if they forced to deduct from my salary, what are the available measurement i should take. (PN.These amounts were not accounted for last six years & now they suddenly brought in to the picture)

I am looking forward your respond. I have a very good offer from a company and my company is not corporating for an NOC.

Please advice.