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I am working and living in Qatar for the last 6 years as a secretary. The company that I am working is under the management of Al-Thani's. I have some questions to ask, I hope you can help me withis questions i will enumerate all of them:

1) Working hours = in my contract it generally states that i am to work 8 hours minimum a day and 2 more hours if required. But my current manager told that we are to work from 7am to 5pm is that fair. He told that 1hour lunch break is not included in the working hours and the 15mins break. Does he have a point in doing this? Is that really how we must work, what would be the rule of the land in working hours here in Qatar?

2) No Objection Certificate = I was locally hired in this company last January 1st 2007, do i have the right to asked for an NOC. It has been 5 years now since i first started working here in this company. Is it really under their discretion if they are going to give me NOC or not? What's the ruling in giving an NOC?

3) Complain = if i am to complain in the labour department of Qatar what is my chances in wining a case?

4) Abolishment = Is there already a law in the abolishment of NOC?

5) 2yr. Ban = Is the 2 years banned still in effect?

I hope you could help me with my questions.

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Incorrect. Lunch break IS included in the working hours.
Nobody can be forced to work more than 8 hours. And any hours over that you are entitled to get overtime payment.

Everyone has the right to ask for NOC, but a company can refuse it if they want to for any reason.

If you complain to the government and you prove your rights are violated you will win. Government is fair in my opinion.

The NOC system still exists.

Yes it's 2 year ban

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Thank you very much to your warm reply.

Since the very beginning I am working more than 8 hours. If I am to complain in the Labour Department can i get the lumpsum of all the time i worked overtime since 2007 up to the present. I am planning to go to the Labour Department next year when I resign so I can get the overtime pay that I should have from the very beginning. What would be the time frame of this case would this take weeks or months?

I'll be waiting for your knowledgeable reply.

Thanking you in anticipation and more power to you.

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the labour department should help you get what is rightfully yours

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Hi Everyone,

I have seen some very good advice here so decided to post my question too.

I worked on an indefinite contract as a manager and was given the termination notice in accordance with my contract. I applied for NOC but the company gave me a verbal refusal. I asked for a written response but nothing was sent.
They paid all my contractual end of service etc. I have applied to Human Rights at the Ministry of Interior. They said they will call the company and let me know. The company is a registered as a private company here in Qatar (It is international company). The new post is for a Qatari State owned company.
Does anyone know my chances of getting the NOC through the HumanRights and any advice on improving my chances?

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Sadly the way the law is set is that they can do anything they want.

It's 50-50 for you

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I left my company on good terms after only working 5 months of the 6 month probationary period. We both felt that the position that I was in was not best suited for me but as there was no other positions open in the company I returned home. I asked for an NOC but the company stated that they will not give any employee an NOC without 5 years of service. Given that I did not work for the entire duration of the probationary period and that it was stated on my visa that I was a much higher position that I actually worked do I have a case with the Human Rights at the Ministry of Interior? They stated that the position on the visa was due to the fact of my Nationality and the government expected to see me in a higher position.

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the NOC is supposed to be rejected in cases where the employee could be seen as a threat to the country. For example did something illegal.

Some companies have been applying a no NOC policy, but that's just stupid!

Yes you do have a case, because during the probation period, either party has the right to terminate with no reasons and you shouldn't fall under their policy.

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Hi amnesia,
Is it still possible to get an NOC having worked for less than one year for my current sponsor?

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