Need Clerification regarding job in Qatar

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Again Need more clarification regarding job in qatar

I really appreciate to this community which provide me a lot of fruitful information on this forum. I signed the contract in qatar embassy Islamabad.

However, I need more clarification regarding the job.I have total package which offered by qatar govt.

1. Job As "Civil - Technical IT Engineer" in Army.
2. Duration: 3 years extendable.
3. Package Breakdown by the qatar embassy:
Basic Pay: 5100
Military Training Allowance: 1400
Family Allowance: 2500

Initially, go as single on 5100. After military training add 1400, remain in their camp where 3 persons will be in 1 room. Apply for family in the ministry and after approval and taking family there add 2500 but then cannot live on camp because its a bachelor camp. Arrange house at your own.

Q.1. After 5 months, Embassy person call me and said that you have to go for medical at your own country(for your satisfaction) and attest your final degree.

Q.2. In Qatar you have to go for Medical ? What type of Medical mean what things they will be checked in qatar?

Q3. Because already signed a contract in which he mentioned about that they will give the amount for family accommodation? If my case on the basis as government official under Ministry of Defence ? Can I still come under the condition of 10000 Qatari for fmaily.?


1. Me and My wife decided to go in qatar and spend hand to mouth life. Because in qatar, I get the 4 time mores salary than in pakistan At the time of offer, ministry official said that you have to apply through Ministry of Defence for your family. and 2500 will be given for family allowance.Will ministry of defence fulfill the comitment after 2 or 3 months after my arrival in qatar.

2. The contract which I just signed the at the time of offer and embassy official said that your selection on the basis of Civilian IT Engineer and training allowance will be given and training will be held. I don't know which type of training(hard and relax) will be provided.

3. Tell me one more thing I have to stay in camps. Which type of Food facilities and living standard in camp.

Please help me for better decision.