Mr.Q's Blog hits Qatar Today's Magazine - ILQ and Mr. Q in the news

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(:P) so i was reading the magazine and came accross a section named "Blogs,Blogging and Bloggers" weird title btw lol.

i skimmed it and at the very end i caught a glimpse of the word Mr.Q i was alittel shocked for a moment then went back and read the fullthing...... Amnesia made 2 small paragraphs at the end of the article ;)

Here is the Quote (hand typed)

Amnesia, the half British half Qatari owner of Mr Q, has a different purpose. In addition to blogging to relieve stress, he started his latest blog because: "I wanted to show the world that Qatari's shouldn't be stereotyped. Not everyone who wears a thobe thinks the same, acts the same, or even wants to do the same things."

Great Amnesia :D, i am touched :)