Mexican Food at Sheraton

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Diners on the lookout for new dining choices will have a feast as Sheraton Doha introduces its "Seven Special Theme Nights," with the introduction of Mexican cuisine as the highlight.

The hotel's new Mexican chef Roger Pérez will tease guests with his meticulously prepared menu of real Mexican cuisine which has been given interesting twists.

"I'm introducing Mexican cuisine to Doha — introducing the real Hispanic dishes of Mexico City. Not Tex-Mex, but Mexican cuisine," said Pérez. He who has been working in Sheraton for four months, said a lot of people have misconceptions about Mexican dishes.

"Mexican cuisine is a blend of Hispanic and European techniques mixed with all the ingredients from all over the world," he said.

Pérez said he knows guests will welcome the new Mexican addition to the menu because "people always want to experience new tastes, new colours and new flavours."

"In the future, after the guests are used to the Mexican buffet that has been presented, I will introduce my favorite Mexican dish, 'Chiles en Nogada,'" said Pérez.

He said Chiles en Nogada, which is mixed with poblano pepper, a mild spicy pepper, and other ingredients, is a regional dish of Mexico City.

"This dish was introduced in 1810 to the Mexican imprimatur. It was developed by the nuns at a convent who had the imprimatur as a guest. Mexicans usually prepare this dish on September 16, which is the Mexican Independence Day," said Pérez.

Pérez said he learned about the dish at home during one of the celebrations in the city.

"Mexican families usually get together during holidays, feasts, and different kinds of dishes are introduced during these celebrations. In every celebration, we have in Mexico — Mexicans like to party a lot — we always have a special dish, special drinks," he said.

Pérez, who has been working as a chef for 10 years in Europe, the Cayman Islands and in cruise lines, said he decided to come to the Middle East because it's a "booming area."

"I want to experience the culture, art and the culinary style in the Middle East, especially here in Doha. It's a booming area. As a chef, one really needs to travel around to develop oneself," he said. Pérez, who studied culinary arts in Mexico City and took courses in Switzerland and France, said he will be serving three restaurants in Sheraton: the Laffan Restaurant, Pirate's Cove and Al Hubara.

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